New Home Construction

We are very pleased that you have selected The Cape as your home.
We want to do everything we can to assist you to meet the Standards for Building at The Cape in compliance with the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws and Declaration of Restrictions.

As you begin the process of building, two areas most pertinent to this process are: 
1) The Declaration of Restrictions for your area, and
2) Understanding the role of the Architectural Control Committee (the ACC).

No buildings, fence, wall or other structure shall be erected, placed or altered on any lot, until the proposed building plans, specifications, exterior finishes, site plan showing locations of such building or structure, and construction schedule have been approved in writing by the ACC. Refusal or approval of any such plans, location or specifications may be based by the approving authority on any ground, including purely aesthetic and environmental considerations that in the sole uncontrolled discretion of the approving authority shall deem sufficient. Failure of the ACC to issue a written approval or denial for properly submitted plans within twenty (20) days after their next regularly scheduled meeting shall be construed as an approval of said plans.

Prior to the start of any construction on any lot, all trees to be removed shall be marked by the owner of said lot or his agent, and no tree may be removed from any lot without the specific consent of the ACC.

The ACC has the responsibility to represent your neighbors during the period of your construction to make sure their quality of life remains as close to normal as possible. To ensure there is understanding on your part, the builder, and the neighborhood, it is necessary for you to meet with your ACC Area Representative before you submit your application. You will be able to ask questions of things you may not be sure of, as well as, be confident that you have all the documentation we require to be submitted with the application.

Your Area Representative is listed in the ACC Committee Members sheet along with their phone number in the second bullet below. 

Jesse Bowles
Property Manager