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We have received the link that we will use for the Annual Meeting. Go to Owners news to get the link and preset it into your bookmarks for easy access.
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, your Board has been investigating options to schedule and hold the 2020 Annual Meeting and Election.  Both ZOOM and a LIVE STREAM BROADCAST were researched in detail and it was determined that a Live Broadcast would be the most practical.  An example of a similarly offered activity would be a church service broadcast to it's members and/or the public.
It is important to note that a broadcast is "one-way", that is outgoing, and does not include "attendee interaction".  Consequently, it is extremely important that property owners advise the Board in writing of any questions/comments/motions that they wish brought to our members so that such requests can be included in the Meeting Packet that is distributed in advance (either electronically or via regular mail) to all property owners.  This will provide the opportunity for a response from the Board or a vote if needed/required.
Given that this year's meeting is a distance one, it is also extremely important that we determine in advance of the actual meeting date of October 10 whether enough property owners have voted to constitute the quorum necessary for an official meeting.  Therefore we cannot stress enough the need to vote ASAP following the receipt of your Meeting Packet, whether that is electronically or by return hard copy.  The more folks that cast their ballots electronically, the sooner we will be able to hopefully confirm the quorum, so we are making electronic voting available to ALL registered CHOA property owners.  You still have your choice as to electronic, hard copy or in-person, but under the circumstances we face, the Board encourages you to choose the electronic option. 
Full details regarding the processes and procedures for both electronic voting and access to the live stream broadcast will follow shortly.  Thank you for your cooperation and participation.
The Annual Meeting is fast approaching on Saturday October 10th and we will be electing 2 members for the Board of Directors. 
The Cape has two new candidates for the open Board seats being vacated by Mike Bodnar and Guenter Kass.  They are Jeannie Lee, 8751 West Telfair Circle and Robin Webb, 8809 Healy Circle.  We are confident they will be excellent additions to the Board.  Please note: It is critically important for you to participate in this election by casting your vote even though these two candidates will not be contested.
The Candidate's data sheets can be viewed on owner news on this web site .
More information on the Annual Meeting will be coming soon.
The Cape's Annual Yard sale which is always scheduled for the first Saturday in May (May 2nd this year) has been canceled and rescheduled.  The Social Committee has selected October 17 as the Fall Community Yard Sale this year. 
More details coming soon...
Canceled Events at The Cape:
Fall Fling
The Board of Directors of the CHOA would like to remind all of our residents to be vigilant and attentive to news regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.  We encourage you to visit the websites below for updated information on both national and local levels.
National: cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov
Local: health.nhcgov.com
  • The Cape HOA would like to remind the community that the owner of the golf course takes the position that the course is private property and should not be driven upon, used to walk pets or for personal exercise. The owner of the course may trespass violators and may notify the New Hanover County Sheriff of activity on the course.
  • Please see the attached information about the New Hanover County leash laws that pertain to our Community.  Click here


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