The Cape HOA

Our History - What you need to know as a new owner or as you consider purchasing in The Cape. 

The Cape HOA office is located at 1111 The Cape Boulevard, on the left after entering The Cape from Carolina Beach Road; just follow the sign. 

Your first stop after closing on your property and moving to The Cape is a visit to see our Property Manager, Jesse Bowles. Jesse is responsible for day-to-day operations at The Cape and has worked with us since January 1997 and offers a wealth of information to all of our homeowners - whether you're just joining us, or you've lived here for years. Since Jesse is often out on the grounds of our community it's best to call ahead at 910-395-0081 to see if someone is in the office. Our bookkeeper is normally in the office Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 1:00 pm.

Questions? Please call The Cape HOA office at 910-395-0081, or to reach the office via email send a message to

How we are governed.
  • The Articles of Incorporation for The Cape Homeowners Association were filed in 1983. The Cape Homeowners Association (HOA) is a non-profit corporation which is governed by its Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws and Restrictive Covenants and is responsible for the administration of the Association.
  • The Association also administers the upkeep of our roads, drainage system, and common areas. A five member volunteer Board of Directors, each elected for a two-year term governs us. The Board of Directors normally meets once each month. 
  • Each lot in The Cape is covered by a Declaration of Restrictions, also known as Deed Restrictions, as well as a set of Restrictive Use Policies. Please see the listing at the bottom of this page to access the Declaration of Restrictions and the Restrictive Use Policies for your property or any property you are considering. 
  • The Cape is divided into a series of subdivisions each covered by their own set of Restrictions. These restrictions generally cover the property aspects of all homes at The Cape. If you have any questions about the restrictions please call The Cape HOA office at 910-395-0081. 
  • As a new owner you should have received your Declaration of Restrictions at your closing. 
  • As a perspective buyer you will want to review the Declaration of Restrictions for any property within The Cape that you may be considering, in conjunction with the Restrictive Use Policies that cover all properties within the community.

The Cape Architectural Control Committee
If you are planning any changes to the outside of your property, please check the ACC listing on this website or call the office for the name of your Architectural Control Committee (ACC) representative. The ACC is one of the Boards standing committees, and is responsible for monitoring and ensuring compliance with the Declaration of Restrictions and will be happy to assist you through the process.

Each property owner becomes a member of the Cape HOA and shares equally in the voting process. 
To participate in the voting process each member MUST have a CERTIFICATE OF DESIGNATED VOTER on file signifying who has the authority to vote for your lot, even if it is individually owned. Completion of the form allows you to vote at our annual meeting, usually held the second Saturday in October, as well as, any special elections that may occur. Please sign the certificate enclosed in your Welcome Packet, or download the CERTIFICATE OF DESIGNATED VOTER FORM, and return it to the office to be properly registered. You will only have to file this once, unless you wish to change your designation. You may vote in person or by proxy, as designated in the By-Laws.

The Cape Website
Most community-wide communications, our community Newsletters, and Social Committee Activities are posted and updated on this website. The Cape website is the hub of our communication efforts. We ask all members to register (including their email address) for the website to stay up-to-date on all news and activities in our community in order to receive important updates from your Board of Directors and HOA. If you do not have internet access, you may stop by the office to pick up a printed copy of our Newsletters.

  • If you have a change in address or phone number, please call the Cape HOA office at 910-395-0081 so that we may maintain current files.
  • Please check the website regularly for announcements, activity details, special postings and for updates.

The Individual Declaration of Restrictions for the streets in The Cape. 

Please click on the street name to view and/or download a copy of the relevant Declaration of Restrictions for a particular street. Where a street is covered by more than one Declaration of Restrictions please be sure to find the appropriate street number for the property your considering. In addition to the Declaration of Restrictions, please review the Restrictive Use Policies which are relevant to all properties in The Cape. For new properties or those under construction in Nautical Greens (Max Flite Way, Titleist Lane & Top Flite Way) please contact the builder of the property. 

Street (and numbers if not entire street)
Bobby Jones Drive
Club Court
Club Way
Colony Green
EastTelfair Circle
Fiddlestick Way
Frederica Court
Healy Circle
Hogan Court
Lakeview Drive
Mainsail Lane
Nantucket Court

Nautical Greens
Palmer Way
River Road
Rouen Court
Schooner Place
Sedgley Drive - 8705 to 8813
Sedgley Drive - 8907 to 9024
Sedgley Drive - 9103 to 9232
Sarensen Court
Spencer Court
The Cape Boulevard - Tiara Park to Scanlon Circle
The Cape Boulevard - Scanlon Circle (Lots 392-397 only)
The Cape Boulevard - Scanlon Circle to River Road
West Telfair Circle - 8740 to 8928
West Telfair Circle - 8927 and 8932 only
Whaley Circle
Wingfoot Way
Townhomes within The Cape
Linksider Townhomes  Linksider HOA         (910)777-3353
Marsh Court-   Amendment    Marsh Court HOA    (910)620-1235
Riparian Villas               Riparian Villas HOA   (919)201-9368
Tiara Park Drive           Tiara Park HOA       (910)538-4839

Other HOA's Inside of The Cape

Bermuda Dunes HOA  (910)395-0081

Nautical Greens HOA   (304)531-9440