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The Cape Homeowners Association's Annual Meeting
is coming up on Saturday October 8th 2016.
Voting packages are on the way to you so be on the lookout in the mail. 
If you cannot vote in person Assign a Proxy! It's as easy as checking a box on the outside of the voting envelope and will guarantee your vote will be counted and that we can have a quorum for The Cape to conduct business at the meeting. 
Here is the information on the two candidates that would like to serve on the 2017 board.../editor_upload/File/2017%20Board%20of%20Directors%20Election%20Data%20Sheet.pdf
Thank you and see you October 8th!
NOTE TO ALL PROPERTY OWNERS:  Click on the Community Documents link under the Document tab to view an important new Board publication...the Informed Voter Pamphlet.
The Gate Card/Remote Program in the office is now working properly.