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Cape Communications - October 31, 2017
A letter from the New Board of Directors was added to the RESIDENTS tab of the Cape Website.  It gives all known information pertaining to the Masonboro Country Club. Please go to the OWNERS NEWS under the RESIDENTS Tab to view. 
 The Annual Meeting was Saturday, October 14th. 
Thank you to the 100+ members that joined the meeting in person on Saturday and the 319 members that Voted in the Board Election. 
Your involvement in our community is
greatly appreciated and valued!
We had a lot of informative conversation that will soon be detailed on the minutes of the meeting.
Go to Owners News to see the presentation that was shown during the meeting.
Your New Board is:
            President:   Dave Echevarria
    Vice President:   Bill Conley (Liaison to MCC)
            Secretary:   Rob Nagy (Liaison to ACC)
            Treasurer:   Guenter Kass
Member At Large:   Ken Burda (past President)