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The Cape
A Residential Community
Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Members please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
Neighborhood News

Last Website Update: 04/15/14 - Neighborhood News

Lakeview Dr./Cape Blvd. Road Closure Update (04/18/14)
We are awaiting delivery of the new pipe which is coming from the factory in Alabama and are tracking the shipment. Meanwhile we ask for your continued indulgence and willingness to re-route during the construction. We will post a project completion estimate announcement as soon as we have that information from the contractor. Thank you for your patience

March 2014 CHOA Board Meeting Summary Report (04/15/14)
The Summary Report has been posted to the Owner News page of this website.

Road Closure Update (04/15/14)
Due to unforeseen circumstances with the condition of the existing pipe the
repair has turned into a replacement. We are hoping to have both of the
sections that are now disturbed repaired and have the streets re-opened
within the next ten days. However if there are delays in the delivery of the
materials or we have inclement weather this period would need to be
extended. We thank you for your continued patience.

April Board Meeting (04/13/14)
The April 17th Board Meeting has been rescheduled and will be held on April 24th, from 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. at The Cape HOA Office. 

Lost & Found - 1 of each! (04/13/14)
Found: a laptop. Please call to identify if yours.
Lost: an IPOD 3.31.14 - cracked screen - still works (hopefully). If found please return, thanks.
The Campo's, 220 Nantucket Ct., 910-612-8597

Aqua Water System Flushing (04/04/14)
Aqua will be flushing the water systems in our area the week of 4/7/14 – 4/10/14. Their plan is to start in the Beau Rivage area on Monday & work their way down south each day finishing up in the Cape area on Wednesday & Thursday. They will be flushing between the hours of 8 am & 5 pm. You may experience periods of low pressure or discolored water during this process. Customers may need to flush the lines in their home if they see discolored water. If you have questions or concerns please call Aqua Customer Service at 1-877- 987-2782

Road Closure Announcement (04/04/14)
The Lakeview/Cape Blvd. intersection will be closed starting April 7th and it will be closed all week. 

AT&T Line Upgrade Reminder (03/30/14)
AT&T continues to perform digital upgrades on their lines in The Cape. If your property has been effected the person you will want to contact at AT&T is Derek Shoup (910-547-3664). If it looks like your yard may be effected by the digging you might want to take some “before” pictures so that you can be ensured that your yard will be returned to its original state by AT&T.

2014 Cape Community Directory (03/22/14)
The HOA is in the process of preparing the 2014 Cape Community Directory. Members may visit the Owner News page to review their information in the 2013 Directory and to access the 2014 Opt-Out Form if they don't want their information published in this year's directory. Deadline to submit changes or to opt-out of this year's directory is April 19th. 

February Board Meeting Summary Report (03/13/14)
The summary report for the February 2014 CHOA Board Meeting has been posted to the Owner News page of this website.

Sewer Break - Scanlon Circle (03/12/14)
A break in the sewer line under the street at Scanlon Circle occured this afternoon and part of the circle will now be closed for the repair. We ask that you please use caution when in the area of Scanlon Circle. 

Upcoming Waste Industries Pick-Up Dates (03/02/14)
Trash - every Thursday, unless rescheduled due to a holiday.
Recycling - every other Thursday: 3/6, 3/20, 4/3, 4/17, 5/1, 5/15,5/29
Yard Waste - every other Wednesday: 3/5, 3/19, 4/2, 4/16, 4/30,5/14, 5/28
    Remember - You must contract separately with Waste Industries for Yard Waste and Recycling pick-up.

The February 2014 Newsletter (02/26/2014)
The February 2014 issue of The Cape Newsletter has been posted to the Newsletter page of this website.

January Board Meeting Summary Report (02/16/14)
The summary reports for the January meeting has been posted to the Owner News page of this website.

AT&T Line Upgrades (02/15/14)
AT&T has been and continues to perform digital upgrades on their lines in The Cape and surrounding areas. AT&T has been marking the lines with paint and orange and red flags. The only areas being directly effected by the digging are the ones with a certain digital device underground. When the device is located they have to dig it up and attach some kind of upgrade to it; however the devices are about 3 ft. underground which can create rather large holes. We have been told that AT&T is going to re-sod the effected areas and effected homeowners should hear directly from AT&T. The contact person at AT&T is Derek Shoup (910-547-3664) and he is the person you should contact if your property is effected.  We do however suggest that if it looks like your yard may be effected by the digging that you take some “before” pictures so that you can be ensured that your yard will be returned to its original state.

A Message from New Hanover County (02/14/14)
As part of the recovery process from the passing winter weather event, New Hanover County has activated a debris removal plan for the unincorporated county. The County’s contract crew will be deployed and debris removal is anticipated to begin as early as next week.  Information about debris pickup and scheduling will be made available on the County’s website at once that schedule has been established.
Note: As of yet the schedule is not up on the county website.

Proposed Deed Restriction Changes (02/06/14)
A copy of the proposed deed restriction changes mentioned in the Message from the CHOA Board have been posted to the Owners News section of the website under 2014 Member Communications. We apologize for any confusion that yesterday's email may have caused. 

A Message from the CHOA Board (02/05/14)
The February Newsletter coming out at the end of the month will touch on two very important initiatives to residents of The Cape: Road Resurfacing and a Special Election for proposed changes to our Deeds of Restrictions.  The Board felt that the scope of these initiatives warranted this special communication regarding additional details. Please visit the Owners News section of the website to review the update. 

Found Dog! (02/05/14)
Masonboro Country Club has found a little male dog - looks like a Beagle mix - wearing an orange collar. He's been to the vet, and doesn't have a chip and isn't wearing an identification tag. If you have any info on who this little fellow may belong to please call MCC at 397-9162. 

Signs and Gate Update (01/31/14)
Some of the signs in The Cape will be removed as they are scheduled to be painted. All River Road gates remain open while we wait for parts.

Recent Break-in on Sedgley (01/07/14)
It has been reported that there was a break-in at a home on Sedgley Drive that backs up to the golf course last week. After trying the front door the intruder(s) came in through the back door by shattering the door with a large planter pot. 

November & December Board Meeting Summary Reports (01/02/2014)
The summary reports for the November and December meetings have been posted to the Owner News page of this website. 

Sedgley Drive/River Road Gates (01/02/2014)
We've been notified by the gate repair company that the repairs for the Sedgley Drive/River Road gates will take place in about two weeks as we wait for parts. 


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Cape Garden Club
Tuesday, May 13th, 10 a.m. - noon at Lou's Flower Patch on Oleander.
Once again we will be heading to Lou's to create our spring planters. Bring your own pot or find one there to purchase. Then fill it with plants you love. Lou supplies the potting soil and purchase your plants. RSVP to Gail Smyth at
Cape Wine Tasting
Monday, May 19th, 7 p.m. at at the home of Julia and John Morrison, 612 Spencer Court.
Contact Julia at 910-799-1951. Cost$ 10.00 per person by May 14th. Remember that your money is your reservation.

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