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Girl Scout cookies!
There will be Girl Scouts selling cookies in the neighborhood.
These Girl Scouts live in the Cape and have the permission from the BOD to sell cookies !
Gate opening hours are going to change.
The BOD has instructed management to leave them open 1 hour longer in the morning and the evening. Not only to accommodate resident requests but also to decrease wear and tear on the machines.
The gates will still be closed on the weekends as usual.
Annual assessments were due and payable January 1st 2017.
If you have not paid your annual assessment, your first statement for 2017 was mailed out on March 3 and will reflect a 10% per annum interest charge this is retroactive back to January 1st and accrues daily.  Please remember you can save a stamp and drop off your payments in our lock box at the front door of The Cape's HOA office anytime at 902 The Cape Boulevard.