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The Cape
A Residential Community
Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Members please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
Neighborhood News

Last Website Update: 11/24/14 - Neighborhood News

Recent Burglaries (11/24/14)
Two events occurred on Friday/Saturday here in the neighborhood. #1 - Friday morning between 9 & 10 a house on Sedgley was broken into. The robbers forced the back door to get into the house. Neighbors noted seeing a white truck cruising the area and a suspicious man in the driveway. The owners WERE in the neighborhood - one was playing golf and the other was out walking! #2 - MCC was broken into late Friday night/early Saturday morning and a number of golf carts were "borrowed" and deposited in a number of ponds.
Please remember if you see or hear ANY suspicious activity to call 911 to report it right away.

October Board Meeting Summary Report (11/10/14)
The Summary Report for the October Board Meeting has been posted to the Owner News page.

October 2014 Cape Newsletter (10/31/14)
The October issue of The Cape Newsletter has been posted to the Newsletter page of this website.

2014 Annual Meeting Minutes and Election Results (10/15/14)
The minutes of the CHOA Annual Meeting and the accompanying presentation have been posted to the Owner News page of this website. Congratulations to Ken Burda and Guenter Kass in being elected to The Cape Homeowners Association Board of Directors. 

September Board Meeting Summary Report (10/11/14)
The Summary Report for the September 17 Board Meeting has been posted to the Owner News page. 

August Board Meeting Summary Report (09/17/14)
The Summary Report for the August 20 Board Meeting has been posted to the Owner News page.

Please join us at the 2014 Cape Candidates Night (09/10/14)
Ken Burda and Guenter Kass are running as incumbents in this year's election for the seats they would be vacating. Please come out to meet Ken and Guenter at this year's Candidates Night on Monday, September 15 at 7 p.m. at the MCC Tavern. Their Candidate Information Sheet is posted to the Owner News page of the website. 

Voting Results for the Deed Restriction Change Initiative (09/10/14)
The voting results have been posted to the Owner News page of the website. 

July Board Meeting Summary Report (08/11/14)
The Summary Report for the July 16 Board Meeting has been posted to the Owner News page.

Recent Car Vandalism (08/02/14)
Recently we have heard reports of a growing number of cars being broken into and/or vandalized while parked in driveways. We urge everyone to please keep their cars locked - especially at night. In most instances the cars being rummaged through have been unlocked and parked in the driveway overnight. 

Recent Break-In (07/30/14)
A homeowner on Club Court has reported a recent break-in at their property. 

River Road Gates (07/29/14)
Both the Sedgley Drive and The Cape Blvd. gates are open for repairs. The parts are on order and as soon as they arrive the gate tech will be on site to facilitate the repairs.
Storm Debris Pickup (07/29/14)
Unlike the City of Wilmington, New Hanover County will not be providing storm debris pickup. Yard waste service may be contracted with Waste Industries at 910-762-6047.  

Found! (07/21/14)
Did you lose a Pandora-style bracelet? If so then you're in luck because its been found. Please contact Richard Cox at 910-742-8163 to identify.

We're looking for you! 2014 Board of Director Elections (07/10/2014)
This year we will be electing two members to The Cape HOA Board of Directors, each for a two year term. If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please complete the 2014 Candidate Sheet and return it to the office no later than August 15, 2014. Please submit your information typed if possible. The Candidate Sheet may be found on the Owner News page under 2014 Member Communications within the secure portion of the website. 

June 2014 Cape Newsletter (06/27/14)
The June issue of The Cape newsletter has been posted to the Newsletter page of the website. 

May and June Summary Board Reports (06/27/14)
The reports for the May and June Board Meetings have been posted to the Owner News page.

2014 Deed Restriction Change Initiative (06/24/14)
2014 Ballots and related background information for the 2014 Change Initiative to five (5) Deed Restrictions have been posted to the Owner News page of this website. 

April 2014 Summary Board Report (05/19/14)
The Summary Report for the April 2014 Board Meeting has been posted to the Owner News page.

2014 Spring Fling - Thank You! (05/19/14)
The 2014 Spring Fling was a huge success! Please click here to see the attached note from our Cindy Redfield, our Social Committee Chair, about this year's Spring Fling including a "thank you" to all our volunteers. 

Waste Industries Upcoming Trash, Recycling & Yard Waste Dates (05/03/14)
Trash pick-up is every Thursday, unless rescheduled due to a holiday.
Recycling is every other Thursday: 5/15,5/29, 6/12, 6/26, 7/10, 7/24
Yard Waste pick-up is every other Wednesday: 5/14, 5/28, 6/11, 6/25, 7/9, 7/23
You must contract separately with WI for Yard Waste and Recycling pick-up.

Mosquito and Tick Tips (05/03/14)
New Hanover County recently published some tips on Mosquito and Tick control. Click here to read what the county has to say about these pesky pests.

April 2014 Cape Newsletter (05/01/14)
The April issue of The Cape Newsletter has been posted to the Newsletter page of this website, along with a link to the New Hanover County Health Department to learn more about mosquito control. 

Lakeview Dr./Cape Blvd. Road Closure Update (04/18/14)
We are awaiting delivery of the new pipe which is coming from the factory in Alabama and are tracking the shipment. Meanwhile we ask for your continued indulgence and willingness to re-route during the construction. We will post a project completion estimate announcement as soon as we have that information from the contractor. Thank you for your patience

March 2014 CHOA Board Meeting Summary Report (04/15/14)
The Summary Report has been posted to the Owner News page of this website.

Road Closure Update (04/15/14)
Due to unforeseen circumstances with the condition of the existing pipe the
repair has turned into a replacement. We are hoping to have both of the
sections that are now disturbed repaired and have the streets re-opened
within the next ten days. However if there are delays in the delivery of the
materials or we have inclement weather this period would need to be
extended. We thank you for your continued patience.

April Board Meeting (04/13/14)
The April 17th Board Meeting has been rescheduled and will be held on April 24th, from 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. at The Cape HOA Office. 

Lost & Found - 1 of each! (04/13/14)
Found: a laptop. Please call to identify if yours.
Lost: an IPOD 3.31.14 - cracked screen - still works (hopefully). If found please return, thanks.
The Campo's, 220 Nantucket Ct., 910-612-8597

Aqua Water System Flushing (04/04/14)
Aqua will be flushing the water systems in our area the week of 4/7/14 – 4/10/14. Their plan is to start in the Beau Rivage area on Monday & work their way down south each day finishing up in the Cape area on Wednesday & Thursday. They will be flushing between the hours of 8 am & 5 pm. You may experience periods of low pressure or discolored water during this process. Customers may need to flush the lines in their home if they see discolored water. If you have questions or concerns please call Aqua Customer Service at 1-877- 987-2782

Road Closure Announcement (04/04/14)
The Lakeview/Cape Blvd. intersection will be closed starting April 7th and it will be closed all week. 

AT&T Line Upgrade Reminder (03/30/14)
AT&T continues to perform digital upgrades on their lines in The Cape. If your property has been effected the person you will want to contact at AT&T is Derek Shoup (910-547-3664). If it looks like your yard may be effected by the digging you might want to take some “before” pictures so that you can be ensured that your yard will be returned to its original state by AT&T.


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Cape Book Club
Tuesday, December 16th, 7 p.m. at at the home of Julia Morrison, 612 Spencer Court.
The group will be discussing The Invention of Wings with the discussion led by Peggy Richards. 
Holiday Decoration Take-Down
Monday, January 5th, TBD at TBD
Save the date so you can come on out and help us take down the holiday decorations.

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